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Sonoma Raceway this weekend!

Hi everyone. After a couple of great weeks back home in Norway spending some quality time with my friends and family I’m now back in California and ready to get back to work.

Picture of our family dinner in Oslo.

While I was home, I took my heavy motorcycle license! Even though I’ve been racing for 10+ years on racetracks I’ve never had the urge to ride on the streets, but I guess I’m older and more mature then I was 10 years ago when all I ever wanted was to go fast no matter the costs.

Photo of my first legal street ride!

The local tv-channel NRK paid me a visit in my hometown Halden to have a chat about it;

I also had a great meeting with my local newspaper while I was home:

MotoAmerica heads to Sonoma Raceway this weekend and I’m excited to see how I can do at this track with my new team. Sonoma has never been one of my favorite tracks. My first words to my coach Jason as I came in from my first session: “This track is everything I’ve ever hated about all the racetracks I’ve ever ridden”! So, my objective ever since then has been to learn to hate the track a little less. Hehe. The fact that I’m excited to go racing, even though it’s Sonoma, I’ll take as a positive!

A photo from last year at Sonoma. Picture: Brian J.Nelson

This weekend is going to be a crazy one! The 2-day schedule is always a challenge for both riders and team. With not a lot of time between sessions and less time on track for the riders everything needs to be pretty dialed in right of the back. Competition is fierce, but I’m coming off a great weekend at Laguna and excited to see what the weekend will bring.

You can find the weekend schedule here:

Live timing here:

If you want to follow all qualifying sessions and races live on video, you can subscribe to MotoAmerica Live+ here:

Follow me on social media for updates during the weekend, and please wish me luck!

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