I'm hooked!


Yesterday was such an amazing and fun day. I went to a proper motocross track for the first time and I had a blast. I was riding my KX 250F and I loved it! I'm so happy we got it lowered before I went riding though, thank you Danny from Semi Valley Kawasaki! You made my life a lot easier and saved me a lot of hard work. Hehe. Short people problems...

LACR (LA county raceway) was unlike anything I've ever seen. We rolled up and it was perfectly prepped. I could just envision myself flying over every jump, ripping through the corners. So smooth and effortless. Obviously, that's not how it went down. Haha! I was easing into it, like Bambi on ice, but towards the end of the day I felt confident and picked up some speed.

Thank you to my great friends Emily, Andrew and Toby for all the encouragement, to Scott Linton for having us and to Jason for putting this all together. Non of this would be possible without him. I'm so stoked I'm able to incorporate some moto into my program. Hopefully this will help me get a better feel when tires are going off & sliding around, and just an overall better feel for the bike.

My girl Emily and I having a blast!

Arai Americas making me look good!

Until next time :)

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