MotoAmerica season starts in 3 weeks!

Last few weeks has been stressful trying to get everything ready for the season. I can't believe Road Atlanta is only 3 weeks away, where did the time go?! I might not have everything 100% ready just yet, but hopefully everything will fall into place when the season gets underway.

Last couple of months has been pretty good. I've gotten some solid training in and I'm more excited then I remember ever being about my upcoming season. I'm so thankful I get to go racing with Team Norris this year, and happy to still have some solid people in my corner.


Me when the weather is perfect, legs feel strong and everything works like it should! All smiles.

My face was not suited for a picture when this happened, 2 flat tires within 1mile of each other...

I have a big day planned tomorrow. I'm going motocross with my friends! I haven't ridden on dirt in over a year, and never done more then a couple of laps on a big bike. I'm waaaay out of my element, but I can hardly wait! It's gonna be so much fun!

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